Wash n Fold

Sometimes we are too busy to do our laundry owing to a large number of social, family and professional arrangements. Moreover, it’s better to spend the valuable time somewhere else than doing the laundry. As we understand the significance of your valuable time, we offer you the best wash n fold services. All you need is to contact us and we will pick up your clothes and will give you clean clothes within the shortest span of time. Apart from these we also offer affordable dry cleaning services.
You can also simply drop at our store, leave your laundry, have fun or attend to your important engagements and come back to get the clean clothes perfectly washed. Moreover, if you have returned from a long holiday or are planning to do so, we help you with our best laundry services.
Our Approach
We are also offering the free pick-up and delivery laundry services for your stuff at your door steps.
Once we get your clothes, our experts first analyse the fabrics for its category, inspect for its stains, loose beads and buttons. Before heading off with the cleaning services, your garment is first treated for its stain removal and then cleaned properly. We are using the state-of-the-art fully automatic and computerised washing machines, but we never hesitate to give hands treatment to your valuable clothes which cannot afford the loads of washing machine.  We provide the comprehensive and special care for your costly suits and jackets by using superior and mild products.
Our expert cleaning professionals treat your shirts properly by cleaning and pressing its collar, cuffs precisely. We provide the all packing materials like poly bags or hand bags and hangers which are manufactured from recyclable material and protect your fabrics from dust, mould and light. We are using the environment friendly cleaning agents which will not only increase the life of your garments and fabrics but also make them bright as new.
Our Team
We have a professional team that offers exceptional laundry services. We are offering the top quality wash n fold service by using the latest technology and environment-friendly equipments. We also take care that there are no toxins in the cleaning substances to save you from any health hazard. These days many cases of cancer causing cleaning agents and detergent substances are being used and therefore we avoid any such substances.
Our polite and courteous workers are fully trained to assist you with all your questions. Our purpose is just not doing your laundry but also to satisfy all your clothing needs. Our team is composed by reliable and trustworthy laundry personnel offering the cost effective and affordable laundry services for your stuff and fabrics.

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