Dry Cleaning

Laundry is one of the most common household activities. Laundry majorly is of two types – dry cleaning and wet cleaning using water. Although dry cleaning is not dry as its name suggests. It is basically a cleaning process in which water is not used rather a cleaning fluid or solvent is used to clean the clothes.

Our Dry Cleaning Services

We are one of the top leading dry cleaners that offer the most superior dry cleaning services. We have always served people with utmost quality services and will continue to do so. We are dedicated to provide the special and exceptional care for your fabric and cloths along with foremost service.

We take the best care of your expensive clothes and clean them with high quality dry cleaning solvents while providing you highly affordable dry cleaning services. A perfect dry cleaning process depends on various factors like washing times, load classifications, solvent and detergent level etc.


Following is the step by step process involved in dry cleaning of the clothes so that you can understand that what happens to your clothes once you drop them at our laundry. The following are the steps followed:

1. Inspection and Tagging: The first step is identifying the clothes in the dry cleaning order. The clothes are tagged on the basis of order ID, delivery date and the fabric of the cloth is identified. Different colored tags are attached to the clothes depending on the type of cloth and what kind of special treatment it requires in order to clean it.

2. Pre-Treatment of Stains: The next step includes pre-treatment of the stains.  In this step various hard stains are located, identified and a stain remover is applied to them in order to remove them prior to the dry cleaning process.

3. Dry Cleaning: In this step, the actual cleaning process starts where a dry cleaning machine is used to clean the clothes.  In this machine, clothes are put in a perforated and rotating stainless steel basket.  While the clothes keep on rotating in the perforated basket inside the machine, a solvent is constantly supplied through the pump and filter system.

During the wash cycle of the clothes, the solvent filled chamber keeps on rotating and agitating the clothes. The temperature of solvent is maintained at 30 degree Celsius because a temperature higher than this may damage the cloth’s fabric. While the wash process is going on, the washing solvent in the clothes chamber is continuously filtered and then fed back to the chamber. This way the dirty solvent

We offer the best pickup and delivery laundry services for our valued customers. Our team of professional are highly experienced and have the clear understanding of all above factors, so will never harm your stuff in any way.

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